Team power4you

DP Aurosish

Aurosish– A IIIT Bhubaneswar grad and NPTI Nagpur (Thermal Power) alumnus, he has a vast experience in the thermal energy sector with various private and government aggencies. His roots from the city of temples, Bhubaneswar and his lust for the cars makes him ‘The Monk who dreams of a Ferrari’.

Rohit Kumar Upadhyay
Chief Adviser

Rohit– A veteran with 20 years of industry experience has been the pillar for this company since its inception. He brings in all his acumen that he has garnered over the years while serving at the likes of JSL, ACC and TATA.

Karan Gandhi

Karan– A native of Ahmedabad and an ardent Arijit Singh fan, Karan brings in the best of a Guju’s dexterity. Another NPTI Nagpur alumnus, he is presently working as Operation and maintenance engineer in Torrent Power.

Soumya Bishi
Head Designer

Soumya Bishi– This 23 year old UI/UX designer is responsible for all the design work that you experience at Power4you. This reticent guy has an eye for detail and his Photoshop skills speak volumes about him. ‘Passion’ is his middle name.