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Boiler Drum & Auxilariers

Boiler Drum is a very crucial part in case of Sub-critical boilers. It is cylindrical in shape and situated at the top of the boiler. In Super-critical units, water is directly converted into steam so drum is not required, but in case of subcritical boilers, the whole water quantity is not directly converted into steam. […]

Oxygen Analyzer in Boiler

Large thermal power plants generate electricity by using the thermal energy of fuel. Most of the power plants are pulverized coal fired boiler that means thermal energy is generated by the combustion of pulverized (crushed) coal.In order to control the combustion process,every power plant has their Burner Management System/FSSS(Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System) system,but Optimum efficiency is […]

Unit Startup Procedure for Subcritical Corner Fired Boiler

Want to know about the various processes involved while starting a unit? Then you are at the right place because we have stuffed all the details involved in the start-up of a Sub-critical Tangential Firing unit. Below we have explained the start-up procedure types and various processes involved in case of tangential fired sub-critical boiler […]

Boiler Pressure Parts

In the boiler, the feed water and steam flows through the different parts where the pressure is much higher than the atmospheric pressure. These parts are generally known as Boiler Pressure Parts. Mainly the heat addition to the working fluid (Water) is done through these pressure parts. Following are the boiler pressure parts: Boiler Drum […]

Electro-static Precipitator (ESP)

After the coal combustion in the Boiler, Ash and Flue gases are generated. These are nothing, but the Un-burnt coal particles. The heavier un-burnt particles fall down and collected as the bottom ash, while the lighter ash particles flow towards the atmosphere through the chimney due to the furnace draft. These particulate matters, SOX (Sulphur […]

Steam Path(Steam Cycle) In Boiler & Turbine

In order to generate electricity, we require mechanical torque and for the mechanical torque we require a fluid which will rotate the turbine, in thermal power plants to rotate the turbine we use steam as a medium. Steam is generated in boiler with the help of coal and water and after burning the coal, the […]

Boiler Drum in Sub-critical Boiler

Boilers operating below the critical pressure are generally fitted with a steam drum, which is known as the heart of the boiler. In the steam drum, the main objective is to separate the steam from the steam-water mixture, which is coming through the riser tubes. Basically In the boiler, the feed-water comes through the feed-water […]

Boiler in Thermal Power Plant

Conventionally BOILER is a pressurised vessel which converts water in to steam. According to modern definition of boiler “it is a heat exchanger whose work is to produce high pressure steam from water”. In this heat exchanger, the hot side is the mixture resulting from the combustion of the fuel & air and the fluid […]

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