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“Loss of Excitation” Protection in Generator

Alternator,when connected to the grid, it is preferred to operate it in lagging Power Factor mode and in lagging power factor mode it delivers Reactive power and Active power to the grid and the rotor speed is same as that of grid frequency, which is 3000 RPM as per 50 Hz in India.Loss of excitation will […]

Faults in Generator

Generators are the most expensive equipment in the whole plant and the generator faults are considered to be the serious since they may cause severe and costly damage to the insulation, windings and the core. They may cause severe mechanical damage to the shafts and couplings, thereby increasing the amount of fault damage. In the […]


In case of power plants we generally use Synchronous generators, which are also known as Alternators, they are named as synchronous as they rotate at synchronous speed or we can say that they rotate in synchronisim with the stator field being magnetically locked. The reason we are using AC generators instead of DC generators is […]

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