Both ID(Induced Draft) FANS TRIP

Specific cause:

  • Fault in the HT Motor
  • Supply failure to feeding Bus
  • Low Lube Oil Pressure (tripping of pump, low Oil level, Oil leak etc.) / High bearing temperature of motor/Fan bearings due to Lube Oil System Failure.
  • High Bearing Vibration
  • Process Failure (Cooling Water failure to the motor / Discharge Damper Closed)

Control Room Operator Action:

  • Unit Tripped so prepare for Hot Box-up
  • Rectify the fault for tripping both ID Fans.
  • Check the HT Supply and LT Supply(Station Supply)
  • Maintain Drum Level by controlling BFP/CEP
  • Initiate purging to Reset MFT
  • Go for light-up

Local Operator Action:

  • Check the direction of rotation of both the ID fans
  • Monitor the bearing and motor Winding Temperature
  • Observe the Vibrations in the Machines

Final Correction:

  • Prepare for Hot Box-up after rectifying the fault in both ID Fans