Boiler Drum & Auxilariers

Boiler Drum is a very crucial part in case of Sub-critical boilers. It is cylindrical in shape and situated at the top of the boiler. In Super-critical units, water is directly converted into steam so drum is not required, but in case of subcritical boilers, the whole water quantity is not directly converted into steam. […]

Oxygen Analyzer in Boiler

Large thermal power plants generate electricity by using the thermal energy of fuel. Most of the power plants are pulverized coal fired boiler that means thermal energy is generated by the combustion of pulverized (crushed) coal.In order to control the combustion process,every power plant has their Burner Management System/FSSS(Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System) system,but Optimum efficiency is […]

“Loss of Excitation” Protection in Generator

Alternator,when connected to the grid, it is preferred to operate it in lagging Power Factor mode and in lagging power factor mode it delivers Reactive power and Active power to the grid and the rotor speed is same as that of grid frequency, which is 3000 RPM as per 50 Hz in India.Loss of excitation will […]